Hands down the best realtor I have ever dealt with and here is why:

1. First and foremost, she knows the market in the area she covers, I am talking about almost down to the dollar. Her knowledge and market analyst is very very impressive and on point. 2. We  went from a 3 week closing date to a 4 month closing. This was very stressful!!!! All the time she kept me calm and informed. Things happened that could of made me walk away and say “nope”. She was that voice of reason that kept me from becoming emotional and kept me focused on the deal. 3. We had an issue with our credit, she went out of her way to suggest lenders to call. One of which gave us an amazing deal (ask her about Tim) 4. With such a big decision she will be by your side making sure you are happy and comfortable with what you are signing and agreeing to. I can’t say enough good things about the woman, like I said in the beginning, she is my ambassador of Quan!!

— Anonymous