Anne Arundel County, Maryland

Named for Lady Anne Arundell of Wardour, Anne Arundel County is a pleasant little slice of Maryland. With relaxing beaches, scenic trails, and gorgeous state parks, this is the perfect place for nature lovers. In Anne Arundel, you will get a taste of our nation’s history, while still enjoying a modern environment. Beautiful in every season, you can enjoy the fresh blossoming of the flowers in the spring, family friendly and fun beaches in the summer, changing leaves in the autumn, and light and peaceful snowfall in the winter. With great schools and friendly people, Anne Arundel County is a great place to raise a family.

Home to our state capital, Annapolis, Anne Arundel has a little something for everyone, whether it be a bustling metropolitan area, a suburb, or a nice place by the sea. Often called “America’s Sailing Capital”, Anne Arundel County is a community of sea loving folk who are passionate about keeping east coast tradition alive and well.

With fun things to do, kind and polite residents, and unbeatable scenery, Anne Arundel County is a wonderful place to live with a family, a partner, or by yourself.

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Howard county, Maryland

Howard County, or “HoCo” is a great example of Maryland culture and what the East Coast is all about. HoCo was named after Colonel John Eager Howard, who was an officer in the “Maryland Line” of the Continental Army during the Revolutionary War. With a rich history and roots firmly planted in tradition, in Howard County, you can really feel the benefits of a close-knit community with an investment in the place where they live. Juxtaposed with the antique architecture is plentiful foliage that holds its beauty all year long.

On a practical level, Howard County has great schools, ranked among the best in the state, quiet and peaceful neighborhoods, and friendly residents. Beyond that, HoCo has lots of fun things to do with your down time, including many Civil War trails, art galleries, local sports teams, award-winning theatre, and fun seasonal activities for the whole family.

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Prince George county, Maryland

Prince George County, known to locals as “PG County,” is the second most highly populated county in Maryland, and there is definitely a reason for that. “Why is it that so many people choose to relocate to Prince George?” you may ask. Is it the unique culture? Maybe it is the beautiful natural environment. Or, could it be the friendly people who choose to reside there? Though we do not know exactly what it is, we assume it is some combination of the three, plus the countless other benefits of building a life in PG County. With great schools, easy access to the ocean, and an air of comfort, Prince George County just feels like home. It is an easy place to fall in love with and an overwhelmingly pleasant place to live. If you want to live the classic East Coast life, PG County is a great location to settle down in. People of all walk of life love living in Prince George County because of the strong sense of community.

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