Carroll County

With its county seat of Westminster centrally-located and straddling Hwy 97, Carroll county is highlighted on the southeast by the popular Liberty Reservoir while northern residents enjoy convenient access to the Carroll County Sports Complex and the Union Mills Homestead. Tourists to the county also enjoy Cascade Lake, a 6-acre spring-fed lake that features swimming holes and fishing holes for the entire family.

Newcomers to the area can expect a variety of outdoor activities as well as entertainment and cultural venues, but residents are most proud of their diverse yet welcoming communities. A unique blend of genial townships and burgeoning cities, Carroll County provides a unique setting in which to begin the next stage of your life in Maryland.

Frederick County

Bordered by the 40-mile, South Mountain State Park on the west, Frederick County is abundant with outdoor recreational activities. Highlighting the northern part of the county is the ever-popular William Houck Campground; one of the many county parks that allow residents to get more than their fill of outdoor fun. Frederick, the county seat, is just an hour from the center of Baltimore, making it an attractive and affordable bedroom community where many families choose to call home. Bolstered by a strong tourism industry and the presence of Hood College, newcomers can expect a healthy economy as well as a diverse culture.