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Willow Oak is dedicated to helping everyone find the beauty in nature; be it through gardening, cut flowers or the healing herbs. We offer a wide selection of herbs, annuals, perennials, shrubs, olde-fashioned roses and trees. We strive to offer olde-fashioned favorites as well as the new top of the line organic material for your gardening needs.

The drying barn displays beautifully hand-crafted decorations made from the gardens, as well as cut flowers, hand-made teas and seasonings. We have several theme gardens so that you can familiarize yourself with many different plants that thrive in the area.

The land is preserved from development through the Maryland Environmental Trust and Severn River Land Trust. The land uses self-sustaining organic methods to lessen our footprint on the earth and to keep the land healthy for all time to come.

For further information, kindly visit this link: